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Meet Ashley

       From practicing on friends and family in her freshman year of high-school to now owning a successful traveling hair service, Ashley, currently 23 years old, has gained a passion for styling hair and becoming an entrepreneur. While pursuing her passion, Ashley continued to broaden her skills by learning from professional hair stylists while working in hair salons. After her years of practicing, learning by trial and error, improving her customer service, and building her clientele, Ashley has transformed into a phenomenal and diligent hair stylist and has successfully implemented her skills into her traveling hair service, Simply Different Styles LLC.

       Ashley took a risk by resigning from her position in the hair salon by starting her own traveling hair service. Ashley has thrived to be her own boss, set her own prices, her own hours, and add her unique skills to her business. Ashley has now styled over 1000’s of clients over the years, attracting many new clients while also establishing many regular clients.

       Ashley’s goal for her traveling hair service, Simply Different Styles LLC, is “to provide clients with a luxury hair salon experience within the comforts of the clients home”. Ashley travels anywhere in the DMV area, including Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. Her services range from sew-ins, custom-made wigs, color, children styles, braids, knotless braids, and soft locs. Ashley goes above and beyond to provide clients with the best services by styling their hair within the comforts of their own home, giving out complimentary gifts, quickly responding to client inquiries, and the willingness to travel long distances. Ashley will continue to work hard to provide unique services that leave clients impressed with her services.

       In the year of 2019, Ashley has completed 4 years of college at Stevenson University and obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an entrepreneurship track. She will use her degree to pursue her entrepreneurial goals of owning a successful salon with a traveling hair service extension.  Ashley has also recently obtained her cosmetology license, essentially becoming a well rounded stylist and entrepreneur.  Ashley is determined to not only learn the entrepreneurial aspects of her business, she is also willing to strengthen her skills as a hairstylist.

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